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「星空财经」Matic Network联合创始人Sandeep Nailwal做客深链学堂 Matic Network大起底

Matic Network致力于成为真正可以让开发者部署及运行去中心化应用的平台,其使用DPoS侧链和适配版本的Plasma提供安全、可扩展和即时的交易体验。


Matic Network-COO Sandeep Nailwal做客深链学堂第41期线上沙龙,围绕着主题“币安Launchpad第4弹,Matic Network大起底”进行线上直播分享。

Matic Network致力于成为真正可以让开发者部署及运行去中心化应用的平台,其使用DPoS侧链和适配版本的Plasma提供安全、可扩展和即时的交易体验。

Sandeep Nailwal是Matic Network的联合创始人兼首席运营官,目前在Matic Network的工作重点是社区建设、业务开发和以及推广。

以下为深链财经与Matic Network-COO Sandeep Nailwal的访谈记录,深链财经略有调整。

Q1:What is Matic Network and also how did you folks come about starting Matic Network?

问题1:Matic Network是什么?你们是怎么开始这个项目的呢?

Sandeep Nailwal:Matic Network is a Layer 2 scaling solution that achieves scale by utilizing sidechains for off-chain computation, while ensuring asset security using the Plasma framework and a decentralized network of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) validators.

Matic Network提供Layer 2扩展解决方案,通过利用侧链进行离线计算,同时利用Plasma框架和分散的Proof-of-Stake(PoS)验证器确保资产安全性,实现规模化。

All three of us have been very active in Indian blockchain space and have been working as friends on various blockchain research problems. We decided to join hands when we realised that the L2 space has a lot of problems to be solved in terms of its implementation, user experience and viability to become better options for building their D-Apps on L2 solutions.

在场的三个团队成员一直活跃在印度区块链领域,也一起合作过多个区块链项目。我们意识到Layer 2(第二层扩容方案)领域在实现用户体验和可行性上,需要解决很多问题才能成为建立Dapps更好的选择时,我们决定合作Matic Network。

Q2:We see you are actively engaged in the Indian Blockchain community. What are your future plans for the same?


Sandeep Nailwal:The Indian developers are slowly picking up blockchain as a technology to build their applications. It’s still in a nascent stage but due to the sheer number of developers in India , it’s still bigger than a large number of geographies world wide.


We have been doing a lot of activities like supporting global hackathons as well as college level hackathons in India.We have a massive presence in terms of a blockchain brand in almost all the top-Technology schools in India and we intend to keep pushing at it. We are already widely regarded as the most well blockchain platform of India.


We intend to continue building on this momentum, next year have even bigger programs for our developer community as a whole and Indian student developer community in general. We intend to engage with some of the corporates too , to engage working professionals into building blockchain based applications. Matic Developer support program which includes technical and business mentoring plus financial help to build the MVP is also of core focus for us.


Q3:What stage of development is the Matic Network currently in? What was the most difficult thing the team encountered while developing Matic Network? What did the team experience during that time? How did it work out later?

问题3:Matic Network开发处于什么阶段?你们在开发过程中遇到最困难的事情是什么?能否讲一下团队的经历,以及最后问题是怎么解决的?

Sandeep Nailwal:Matic is in very advanced stages of development already. We have conquered most of our engineering hurdles and are in very good shape for our go-to-market. We strongly recommend the developer community to join our Telegram and Twitter handles to track the same。


One of the biggest challenges were to make a robust validator layer for Matic which has its own consensus layer amongst the validators where in they agree on a particular proof of snapshot of sidechain and submit to mainchain. We evaluated various approaches from building our own consensus mechanism to using some of the existing popular ones. At last we zeroed in on Tendermint, we did heavy customization to the core engine to suit our purpose. In order to make the network stabilized we had to do multiple internal runs of testnets to take it to a level where it is today and hopefully very soon will be ready to face the world 。


Q4:You have said at multiple avenues that DeFi is an important use case for Matic. Why do you consider Defi as an important factor in taking blockchain products to masses?


Sandeep Nailwal:Decentralised finance will be one of the major use cases of blockchain technology. It heralds the promise to bring financial inclusion to anyone across the world with just an internet connection.This is a powerful use case and we at Matic believe in this vision .


Cross border payments, peer to peer loans , decentralized exchanges , and the ability to earn interest on your crypto holdings are exciting use cases and are already seeing considerable traction given the scaling constraints present. We want to unleash the potential of DeFi on Matic side chains give , and will be hosting the leading Ethereum protocols like 0x, Dharma,RCN etc on Matic sidechains.

跨境支付、点对点贷款、去中心化交易,以及从加密证券中赚取利息都是令人兴奋的事情,况且考虑到目前区块链的扩展限制,已经对用户有了相当大的吸引力。我们希望在Matic侧链上释放DeFi 的潜力,并将以太坊协议,如0x,Dharma,RCN等在Matic侧链上进行。

Q5:The Matic Network is developed on the basis of Ethereum. However, at present, both public chain TRON and Dapp on the EOS have larger user amount and total transaction volume than Ethereum. Would Matic Network worry about the ETH’s future?

问题5:Matic Network是基于以太坊进行研发的,可目前,公链TRON和EOS上Dapp无论是在总用户量,还是总交易额等均高于ETH,对此Matic Network是怎样考虑的?会为ETH的前程担心吗?

Sandeep Nailwal:Witnessing first hand the development that is happening on Ethereum, the strong community support behind it and the amazing products being built on Ethereum, it's conservative to say that Ethereum will be hard to displace from its perch of the world's leading decentralized smart contract platform .


There are other chains coming up but the network effects around Ethereum will be hard to replicate. We want to further add to this moat ensure Ethereum scales. That bein said,

Matic team's focus is on building and to ship like a demon and we will adapt to the ecosystem as it evolves, but for now: BUIDL on!


Also, The other chains are not fully decentralized and only way they have been able to take some attention from Ethereum is due to their faster blockchains, Now with solutions like Matic available as Layer2 on Ethereum, this can completely change the game playing field.Having said that , Matic is a generic Layer 2 , it is not bound to any specific blockchain in particular.

此外,其他的链并不是完全去中心化的,他们能抢以太坊的关注度是因为他们有更快的区块链。现在有了像Matic Layer 2在以太坊上的解决方案,这可以完全改变游戏的竞争环境。话虽如此,Matic虽是一般的Layer 2,但它并不绑定任何特定的区块链。

Q6:The project tokens on Launchpad were acquired by flash sale in the early stage, attracting a large number of users to rush for purchasing tokens. But users are often not loyal enough to maintain the token for certain period, which led to continuous depreciation. Then what do you think of this?


Sandeep Nailwal:We see clear signs of a very strong community with Matic which supports matic passionately. So we believe that a large number of early buyers will be our early users too and will see through our network maturity cycle.


Apart from that Matic Token has multiple utilities including the gas fee payments as well as it being the staking asset on Matic Network. We have a staking as part of POS consensus incorporated in the network protocol. This means that to be a contributor to the network in order to verify transactions , one needs to hold MATIC tokens to become a staker. This alone is a formidable incentive for believers of the project to hold and stake to contribute to network growth. But having said that in the short run there will be some speculation but it will subside slowly once the community sees the Matic product vision unfold.


Q7:From the perspective of project developer team, the token price determines the confidence of the market and investors in a way. How does the Matic Network think about this issue? What’s the role of token price in the development? As Matic will be launched on the Launchpad soon, are you confident about future token price?

问题7:对于项目方而言,币价某种程度上决定了市场和投资者的信心,请问Matic Network怎么看待币价这个问题,币价在项目的发展中被摆在什么位置?并且即将上线Launchpad,你对币价走势有信心吗?

Sandeep Nailwal:We are focused on building the Core network and the supporting tools to ensure that once we ship the network, user and developers will have a great experience in using our network. This is most important. Our focus in unwaveringly on development so we can provide an impeccable experience to our users. 


I think the investors have seen the quality of our tech and that’s why we are here today. We strive to keep shipping like a demon to keep the confidence of our community high. That said price does have a role to play in the network’s future especially in the economic security of the entire network- But the team’s focus is on shipping, bringing more and more developers and applications on Matic. The more developers will bring more adoption and hence more demand for Matic’s utility tokens. 

我认为投资者已经看到了我们技术的质量,这就是我们今天来到这里的原因。我们努力保持运转,以保持我们社区的高度信心。Matic的价格确实在其未来的发展上扮演着重要的角色,尤其是在整个网络的经济安全方面。但团队的重点是开发建设,Matic的发展带来越来越多的开发人员和应用程序。开发人员越多,对Matic Token的采用就越多,需求也就越大。

We believe if we deliver what’s needed the market sentiment will reflect that in the price. There’s no doubt that Crypto Projects are not simply a technical software , they also represent communities. With the kind of community support we have we believe that there will be ample community support for Matic in secondary markets.


Q8:The Matic Network is developed in India, and the Indian community also accounts for the majority of users. Could you please introduce the current development status of blockchain in India in detail? What kind of blockchain projects are in the majority in India?

问题8: Matic Network在印度,且印度社区用户也占多数,对此您可以详细介绍一下印度目前区块链的发展情况吗?以及哪种区块链项目在印度居多?

Sandeep Nailwal:Matic is developed in India but it is BUILT FOR THE WORLD! The network will not be bogged down by geographical boundaries and will offer the same experience to everyone agnostic of one’s geographical affinity.


Indian blockchain ecosystem is still in nascent stages, we believe that being India’s most recognized and popular project across the globe it is our responsibility to educate and create awareness both in the community and developer circles to make india a formidable powerhouse of blockchain technology. Indian developers have already built or are building tools and infra needed for the blockchain ecosystem : we have exchanges, Dapps and network protocol architecture teams already. But we believe we are just getting started , there will be a host of other projects coming up that we will soon be hearing about from India.


On a larger industry level , we believe that though Indian developer community hasn’t been that much active in the Protocol war era of crypto industry, but now that we are moving into the Dapp era where the focus is on user applications, India will emerge as one of superpowers in this space.


Q9: Could you please introduce the cryptocurrencies you currently hold?


Sandeep Nailwal:haha, Thats sort of a confidential quesiton.But yeah to disclose we deeply believe in BNB . We also big believers of Ethereum so hold some Ethereum too. We have very small holdings in Bitcoin too.